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Attic Insulation - Noble Insulation

We provide attic insulation in Bay Area, CA. We are locals of the Bay Area ourselves, and we take pride in providing our clients (who we view as our neighbors) with reliable attic insulation. Specifically, the areas we service primarily include Berkely, Burlingame, Napa, and Oakland (among other surrounding areas).

Attic Insulation Services in Bay Area, CA

We provide attic insulation services for vented and unvented attics. Our insulation pros can also service attics of all sizes, from smaller residential properties to large commercial spaces. You can choose between a range of insulation material options. Here are the material options we offer for your attic.

Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation for Attics

Open-cell spray foam is intentionally a softer and more flexible form of insulation. This allows it to expand more than closed-cell spray foam. Consequently, less of the material is needed to fill the same amount of attic space, which saves on materials costs during installation. In addition to better affordability (compared to closed-cell spray foam), it also offers superior noise control.

Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation for Attics

Closed-cell spray foam is entirely closed. This ensures air and moisture do not penetrate through the material and infiltrate your attic. It is widely considered to be the most superior form of insulation for attics in Bay Area, CA. Due to the superior density and R-value, closed-cell spray foam lasts for more than 50 years in most cases.

Attic Insulation Removal (and Spray Foam Insulation Upgrade)

Attic insulation removal is for commercial and residential properties that have existing insulation that is outdated and/or damaged. In many cases, there are noticeable signs that insulation removal and replacement are necessary. These signs primarily include:

  • Increased moisture inside your attic
  • Higher than normal energy costs
  • Reduced air quality inside your property
  • Pest infestation inside your attic
  • Visible signs of mold and mildew

In other instances, the signs are not as obvious. We recommend having your attic insulation inspected every couple of years, particularly if your insulation is more than 10 years old. Our team removes your existing insulation (including pest droppings and other contaminants and debris) and installs new and improved spray foam material.

Attic Insulation for New Construction Properties (Residential and Commercial)

Noble Insulation also provides insulation services for new construction properties. This includes residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the Bay Area.

We also service newer homes with already installed insulation that may not be providing the benefit the homeowner desires. We ensure your new property has the attic insulation it needs to keep air from the HVAC unit indoors and air from outside away from the interior of your property.

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