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Energy Audits

Get a clear picture of the energy efficiency of your home or commercial space with a professional energy audit.
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Energy Audits - Noble Insulation

Energy audits in Bay Area, CA are a great way to learn more about your property’s energy efficiency. If there are any concerns with your energy usage that can be improved, our audit process reveals them. We also provide a service recommendation and offer insulation services.

Professional Energy Audits in Bay Area, CA

Energy audits with Noble Insulation determine the quality of your energy efficiency. We are able to detect any issues that may exist, such as outdated and damaged insulation, drafts caused by leaks and other openings, and more. We offer professional energy audits in Bay Area, CA for residential and commercial properties.

Residential Energy Audits

Residential energy audits detect any issues that may negatively impact your home’s energy efficiency. When your home has damaged insulation and air leaks, it can lead to poor air quality, higher than usual energy costs, and water damage that is costly to repair. If you notice energy-related concerns with your residential property in Bay Area, CA, then our pros at Noble Insulation can come and conduct an energy audit to get to the bottom of what is causing the concerns.

Commercial Energy Audits

Commercial energy audits are more complex, particularly for larger structures. Nevertheless, we keep the same commitment to detecting any issues with your property’s energy efficiency. This includes a detailed evaluation of the quality of your property’s insulation and more.

Reasons You May Need an Energy Audit in Bay Area, CA

We recommend regular energy audits (once every several years) so that we can detect problems as early as possible. This helps prevent the need for more costly and time-consuming repairs due to neglected damage worsening. In addition to regular audits every few years, you may need to schedule an audit if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • High heating and cooling costs
  • Drafts inside your property
  • Signs of moisture or water damage
  • Signs of pest infestation
  • Poor indoor air quality

You can trust that you will receive an honest diagnosis from Noble Insulation. There are instances where energy concerns are not related to the property’s insulation, in which case we gladly inform you of the problem. Of course, if you are in need of upgraded insulation, then we can gladly meet the need.

How to Prepare for Your Energy Audit With Noble Insulation

There are no special preparation requirements before we arrive, although it can help us if you ensure access to your attic and crawl space before we arrive. Your energy audit should only take an hour or two (depending on the size of your property). We can provide you with a service recommendation at the end of the audit.

Schedule Your Energy Audit With Noble Insulation

You can schedule an energy audit by giving us a call today. We service the majority of the Bay Area, CA, including Berkeley, Burlingame, Napa, and Oakland. We are also glad to provide a service estimate and answer any energy-related questions you may have about your home or commercial property.

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