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Residential (Home) Insulation

Are you considering residential insulation in the Bay Area, CA? Without insulation in a home or commercial space, you will end up spending extra money on heating and cooling costs. This is because your HVAC system will have to work extra hard to heat and cool the air in your home in order to make it an optimal temperature.

There are a number of areas in a home that should have residential insulation in the Bay Area, CA. These are as follows.

In attics

Attic insulation is a very important part of residential insulation in the Bay Area, CA. Attics can be insulated by installing insulation on the underside of the roof or on the floor of the attic. Whether you choose traditional types of insulation, like cellulose, fiberglass, or spray foam insulation and radiant barriers, once you install attic insulation, you will notice the difference in your energy bills.

Duct insulation

Ducts are another area where energy losses tend to take place. Always make sure that your ducts are within a conditioned space so that energy loss is prevented. Ducts can be insulated with spray foam or even with radiant barriers.

Wall insulation

Though it may not seem to be important, wall insulation is an important part of residential insulation in the Bay Area, CA. insulating your walls, especially with spray foam or injection foam insulation will increase the R-value and help to complete your building envelope. Batt and roll fiberglass insulation or cellulose insulation may also be used if you are renovating your home or are constructing a new building.

Crawl space insulation

The area between your main floor, and the foundation of your home is known as the crawl space. Even though crawl space insulation seems unnecessary, it is important because it prevents the cold air from below from going upwards into your home. If you always have cold floors, consider installing crawl space insulation if you do not have it already. Spray foam crawl space insulation also prevents pest infestations, mold, and mildew problems.

Benefits of Residential Insulation

Reduces sound

Installing insulation, particularly open-cell spray foam helps to reduce the transmission of sounds between the different rooms in your home. Whether you want a movie theatre or you want to dampen sounds in your home office, installing insulation will help to create a quieter environment.

Conditioned space

Home insulation helps to create a conditioned environment in your home and you will experience fewer temperature fluctuations. The temperature will remain uniform throughout your home and it will create a comfortable environment.

Decrease in energy bills

Since your HVAC system will have to run for lesser time, you will notice a significant reduction in energy bills. Thus, even though installing insulation is an investment, it is much cheaper in the long term.

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