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Thermal Imaging Services

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging in the Bay Area, CA is a remote sensing method that uses the technique of IR or infrared radiation to display images on a camera that helps to identify differences in temperature in a given space. The camera that is used for thermal imaging has an infrared detector.

As the term ‘thermal imaging’ suggests, heat that is given out by an object or a person is detected by a thermal image scanning camera. It is used to increase the visibility of objects especially in the dark, or in environments that make it difficult to view naturally. Using infrared radiation technology, an image is created that helps a technician identify problems.

The main use of thermal imaging for industrial applications is that it helps to identify problems in time. For instance, thermal imaging helps to identify moisture-related problems in walls and ceilings, and this may help detect electrical problems, which otherwise cannot be identified through other equipment. Thermal imaging is easy to use and can be used for scanning large areas within a short span of time. Data can be easily collected from a distance and it can be used on almost all types of equipment.

Advantages of Thermal Imaging

Let’s take a look at the benefits of thermal imaging in the Bay Area, CA.

Ease of use

Technicians can easily inspect equipment and buildings safely and easily without any contact with the equipment itself. This makes inspecting ceilings and ductwork very easy.

Decreases loss

Thermal imaging helps to provide very accurate information thus allowing one to fix problems in time. Due to this accuracy, once the repair has been completed, an inspector or technician can use an infrared camera to scan areas that have already been repaired to ensure that it was done correctly.

Comes in use during installations

Whether you need to install a new HVAC system, roof, or any other appliances, thermal imaging in the Bay Area, CA can be used for documenting any equipment, according to the manufacturer’s performance specifications, and this can be used to also indicate any faults in insulation that could possibly occur.

How Thermal Imaging helps With Insulation

If you are wondering whether your home is properly insulated or is lacking enough insulation, you can easily find out without tearing down your walls. With the use of thermal imaging in the Bay Area, CA, you can identify where hot or cold air is infiltrating your home, and cold and hot spots can be seen on the ceiling or on the wall.

Areas, where most insulation contractors find that insulation is missing, are around switches and outlets, unfinished basements, garages, and the area where the outside wall meets the roof. If you have older insulation such as cellulose insulation, it may collapse and gaps may be present. Through thermal imaging, you may know exactly the problem areas that need to be dealt with and can choose to replace old insulation with newer insulation.

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