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Welcome to Noble INsulation. We are licensed and experienced insulation contractors that serve all of the Napa, CA area. Through our commitment to the best possible service for our clients, we focus on spray foam insulation (both open-cell and closed-cell options). Our services extend to residential and commercial clients alike.

Noble Insulation are Your Professional Insulation Contractors in Napa, CA

Noble Insulation offers insulation services for new construction projects nad existing structures. This extends to projects of all sizes, from small homes in Napa, CA to large industrial projects in the areas.

Residential Insulation in Napa, CA

Our neighbors in Napa, CA mean the world to us. Every day we strive to serve our community the best we know how, offering our expertise for a fair rate. If you are a homeowner in Napa, CA and need to upgrade your insulation (or install insulation for your new construction home), then call our friendly and professional team at Noble Insulation.

Commercial Insulation in Napa, CA

We strongly value our local residents. Subsequently, we extend our services beyond residential, and we also enjoy serving local businesses as well with commercial insulation in Napa, CA. We have a dedicated team and all of the materials and resources necessary to complete the largest of commercial and industrial projects in a timely manner.

Spray Foam Insulation: A Reliable Choice for Your Insulation Material

Noble Insulation specializes in spray foam insulation in Napa, CA. Spray foam insulation is a high-quality material that combines isocyanate and polyol resin (which expands to more than 30 times its original volume). The final result is a foam that is durable and creates a tight insulation barrier. We offer two types of spray foam, which are:

Open-cell spray foam insulation in Napa, CA

This form of insulation offers an R-value of 3.6 per inch and greater. One primary benefit of open-cell spray foam is that it is one of the best options for noise control. It absorbs sound and creates an incredibly quiet environment. It is also very durable and can last for several decades before repair or replacement is necessary.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation in Napa, CA

This form of insulation offers an R-value of 7.0 per inch (and sometimes greater). For many homes and businesses in the Napa area, this leads to significantly lower heating and cooling costs. It often lasts for more than 75 years as well. The secret to its success are the closed cells, which make the material far denser and able to resist damage.

Types of Insulation Services We Offer in Napa, CA

We offer a range of insulation services in Napa, CA. These services include air sealing, attic insulation, crawl space insulation, metal building insulation, and energy audits.

Air Sealing Services in Napa, CA

Air leaks in your home or commercial property can compromise the air quality indoors. Our air sealing services include the identification and sealing of any air leaks that exist on your property. The EPA estimates that air sealing your property can save you an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs annually. As energy prices in Napa, CA continue to rise, this can be a substantial benefit for home and business owners throughout the Bay Area.

Attic Insulation in Napa, CA

Noble Insulation is a leading and trusted provider of attic insulation in Napa, CA. Our spray foam insulation services ensure your attic insulation is as good as it gets and protects your home while reducing heating and cooling usage monthly (which can save you a substantial amount of money over time). We provide insulation services for both vented and unvented attics in Napa, CA and the surrounding areas.

Crawl Space Insulation in Napa, CA

Crawl space insulation in Napa, CA ensures there are no air leaks, water damage, or pest infestation in your home or commercial property’s crawl space. We provide crawl space insulation (and specifically spray foam insulation for crawl spaces) for new construction and existing properties. We can remove and dispose of your existing insulation if necessary.

Metal Building Insulation in Napa, CA

Metal buildings often require special insulation. It is important that you hire a professional insulation contractor in Napa, CA that has experience with insulating metal buildings and understands the proper process for doing so. You can trust Noble Insulation to get the job done right. Our technicians are well-equipped and knowledgeable about metal building insulation. We can handle projects of all sizes, from small workshops to large airplane hangars.

Energy Audits in Napa, CA

An energy audit, or a home energy assessment, involves the evaluation of your home’s energy usage. The goal of an energy audit is to determine ways to optimize your home’s energy usage and consequently reduce your heating and cooling costs, improve the air quality inside your property, and create a quieter indoor environment. We provide comprehensive energy audits in Napa, CA for residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

Insulation Removal and Cleanup in Napa, CA

As a part of our insulation services for properties that have outdated or damaged insulation material, we remove and properly dispose of all of your old insulation. This can often be a dangerous job due to pest dropping and other contaminated debris, and we handle this messy process so that you do not have to.

Why Choose Noble Insulation for Your Insulation Needs in Napa, CA

The fact is it gets cold in Napa, CA. Without reliable insulation, you could experience higher than desired energy costs each month. On the other hand, reliable insulation can save you as much as 15% or more on heating and cooling costs. Noble Insulation offers insulation contractors in Napa, CA that you can trust. We use only the best materials possible and work hard to complete all projects on time and with results that last.

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