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Noble Insulation offers the residents of Santa Rosa, CA, and the surrounding areas with services for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. As insulation contractors in Santa Rosa, CA, we have successfully completed several insulation projects in the past. Foam insulation is a great option to choose because it seals every gap, crack and crevice that it is sprayed into.

Foam insulation can be applied on every surface, it is very durable and long-lasting, and helps to reduce the overall energy bill costs. Read on to find out more about the other types of insulation, and reasons why hiring an insulation contractor in Santa Rosa, CA is important.

Foam Insulation versus Other Types

If you are contemplating installing insulation in your home or commercial space, you would definitely want to choose the best one to suit your needs. You should speak to an insulation contractor in Santa Rosa, CA, regarding the best choice but it is also a good idea to take a look at the different options that are available.

Cellulose and fiberglass are traditional types of insulation, whereas other types of insulation include radiation barrier insulation and rock wool. All these types of insulations have been in use for many years. Let’s take a look at how the other types of insulation compare with spray foam.


Cellulose insulation is usually made from old newspapers, wood bits, cardboard, or even old jeans. While cellulose insulation is one of the oldest types and cheapest that has been commonly used, it has its own disadvantages. Some of the downsides of using cellulose insulation are that it absorbs moisture easily, thus leading to potential issues of mold and mildew. Other issues are that with time, the insulation will most probably sag, thus leaving gaps and empty spaces. This type of insulation will generally need replacing after a few years.

Fiberglass insulation

Like cellulose insulation, fiberglass has been a popular choice for many years and comes in the form of loose-fill or batts and rolls. It is cheaper than other types of insulation, but like cellulose, it may settle over time especially if it is installed in areas like the crawl space. When fiberglass insulation is disturbed, the tiny glass particles that are present in it may be present in the air and cause skin, irritation, or respiratory issues. Fiberglass insulation may also be attacked by mold and mildew because the binder that is used in the fiberglass can trap moisture.

Radiant barrier insulation

Radiant barriers prevent heat from entering by radiating it outward. It is used in homes and commercial buildings in attics, floors, roofs, and even walls. Radiant barriers are great for use in sunny areas when you want to keep your home cool during the summer.

Rock wool insulation

Rock wool insulation is superior to fiberglass and cellulose and has a high R-value that goes up to 4.2 per inch. Rock wool insulation is also fireproof. However, rock wool fibers can easily break off and enter the respiratory system and cause issues.

Spray foam

Foam insulation is a newer type of insulation and is very efficient compared to any other type. It comes in the form of closed-cell or open-cell insulation and both are capable of creating a complete air seal. Mostly all good insulation contractors in Santa Rosa, CA are well-equipped with installing this insulation.

Should I Hire an Insulation Contractor?

If you have decided on installing foam insulation, you may be wondering if it is worth hiring an insulation contractor in Santa Rosa, CA for the job. Foam insulation comprises two different chemical components that are mixed together and then sprayed. Though this seems like an easy job, it requires precision and experience which many homeowners lack. Experimenting with this material would be a waste of time and resources. Therefore, in order to get all the benefits, it would be best to hire a good insulation contractor. Here are some reasons to keep in mind.


Before installing any type of insulation, an insulation contractor in Santa Rosa, CA will take into consideration all the necessary safety measures. They use protective clothing, including gloves, a bodysuit, a hard hat, and safety goggles to name a few. Other than this, they will take care to clear the area and clean up after the insulation is installed. If old insulation needs to be removed, you will not be exposed to mildew or mold, because the insulation team with carefully remove and dispose of old insulation. They will also take into consideration curing times, and make sure that the insulation is completely cured before you and your family enters the building.

They are knowledgeable

An insulation contractor in Santa Rosa, CA who has adequate knowledge about the different types of products, including open-cell, and closed-cell spray foam will be able to guide you and recommend which is best for your home or business. For instance, if you want spray insulation in your home, our team can provide a free assessment and quote after we see your home or commercial space. We can provide you with an idea about how much is actually needed, and the different R-values that we would like to achieve in different parts of the building, and we will explain how we will install it.

Installation process

Foam insulation is such that it is formed on the job site itself using highly specialized equipment, including spray guns. The foam insulation cannot be too thick or too thin, because this will not allow it to adhere to the substrate properly. If it is too thick, it will be too sticky, and may not cure well and it will also be a waste of resources. If it is too thin, that would also be a problem. As insulation contractors in Santa Rosa, CA we have adequate knowledge, skills, and expertise to do a good quality job.


If you hire an insulation contractor in Santa Rosa, CA to install foam insulation you will be covered under warranty. Should anything go wrong in the future, you can always contact the company and they will take care of the issue.

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